QxM Made a Music Video

Last semester, I had to take one ICT subject. To some, that’s your basic computer class in college. Now, you’d think that I don’t have to take this class anymore because of my 2 years in Computer Science back in Xavier University, and 1 Web App subject taken back in Lourdes College, plus, they even credited it in Silliman University! But noo, they still made me take this subject because the course description is not the same. Ugh. It’s all the same.

So, anyway, for the first half of the semester, we had to create a music video.

It was exciting for me because I got to do this with Q. He loves doing this kind of project, so I asked him for help, naturally. Around this time I was also pretty obsessed with Reese Lansangan, a Filipina indie music artist, who is the ultimate aesthetic goals, btw. I chose one of her playful songs, Exploration No. 5 for my music video. Q and I brainstormed for ideas on what to do, mostly him, really, since I wanted to give him the creative freedom to approach the project. Though I was excited, a part of me was also hesitant because this meant I would be in a video, and if we’ve been friends for a while, you know how awkward I feel when I’m being taken a video of, and I just can’t bear looking at myself being super awkward on camera.

We did a two-day shoot. What I loved about this project was going around the city, and looking for potential places to shoot. I got to see some nooks and crannies of the city that I’ve never really taken notice before. I had fun, and of course, it was tiring, too, walking around under the heat and then the rain. Plus, Q was taking so much time looking for the right angles as well. Q was all in good spirits and had a lot of energy the whole time, which was great. He also did a good job in making me comfortable during the shoot and telling me to just be myself the entire time.

When everything was done and I saw the final video, I felt so thankful that I did this, and with most especially with Q. It was an enjoyable experience, the video is not perfect, but we managed to finish it, so yay!

So, here’s the video, made 3 months ago, and only shared now, here on my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂


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