Quick Life Updates

Lately, I’ve been so bummed about not achieving much from what I’ve set out to do for this year.

One thing I’ve been consistent with though is my journaling and my reading. I mean, it’s not consistent *consistent*, it’s still a bit sporadic, but I do spend a few minutes in a day for those two.

I have a lot of things in mind right now, so I’m trying to check on the status of all the stuff on my plate right now:

  1. Project Folk [Ukulele] – Status: Create the arrangement on Sibelius
  2. Journaling Box [ Journaling] – Status: Decide on the standard box size
  3. The Ear Perspective [Experimental/For Funl] – Status: Release episode 001
  4. Coffee Talks PH [Experimental/For Fun] – Staus: Pending account
  5. JLPT Prep N4 [Language Learning] – Status: On pause (September)
  6. Barista Course [Skills Training] – Status: To Enroll
  7. The Cover Project [Ukulele] – Status: To re-record 5 songs

The last one I’ve only added just recently. I’m suddenly motivated to revisit the tracks I’ve recorded and uploaded on my Soundcloud many years ago. I also just might add a few more after I re-record everything. This sudden surge of excitement and motivation to sing is rare, so right now, I’m riding this wave!

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