Of roads less traveled.

Hello, there! Welcome to this humble abode, situated in the midst of a chaotic and chock full world of information, darkness, and, well, more often than not, beautiful things.

Once again, I have decided to tread upon the paths of blogging, this time with more weapons in my arsenal, and a greater reason to strengthen my will to keep going.

If anyone has followed me for a while in my blogging journey, I have been gallivanting my way through, and at the very least, just doing it in pursuit of escape and expression. While that may not be a bad thing altogether, it does not require much commitment, and before I know it, I will have forgotten and failed to see why I am doing it.

So, what changed?


I have found a deeper purpose to blogging, or at least, to establishing my personal space and identity, here in the digital world, putting aside social media.

While this is still a personal blog site, in which you can expect a lot of random musings on life and love, and an informal documentation of my creative pursuits, I have also repurposed it in such a way that it will also house all the works that I do, which will serve as my portfolio, as I will be needing that to support the endeavor that I have chosen to undertake now, and that is, to be a freelance teacher.

I have been mulling over the idea for awhile now since there are many things that are at stake, considering I am partially self-supporting and I need a stable job. But I have decided to go and explore this arena, nonetheless.

This is a huge step for me because it entails getting out of my comfort zone more often, increased challenge in creative work, and of course, unsteady financial income. The latter is not absolutely true, I know, but I have yet to debunk that, myself.

On the bright side, this endeavor allows me to have more time for my passion projects, and most importantly, to finally finishing my studies and earn my degree. That last one is my one big focus for this year, and it is going to happen no matter what.

I have included here in my blog my CV, which reflects the journey I have undertaken, so far. If you wish to work with me or have anything to say to me, feel free to drop me a message.

So, yeah. This is it. This is me, and this is my space.

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