All I want for Christmas is this, and that, and this.

Since it will be Christmas 8 days from now, I’ve been catching myself window shopping a lot more than usual for potential gifts for myself. Hahaha! It’s more like adding more items to my mental wishlist, really. Mental because I haven’t really put them down into writing, until now.

This is a mix of things that I’ve been mulling about on getting for myself or to suggest to my loved ones if ever they may be looking into getting a gift for me, hahahaha! *cough*boyfriend*cough* LMAO

Anyway, here’s my not-very comprehensive list for now. I’ll probably be updating this every now and then, and maybe have a separate page for this on my blog. Just in case.

Stationery + Craft Supplies, etc. 

Where to get them in PH:


Pentel Pocket Brush Pen: Pens Galore

Letter LightBox:  Lazada

Sakura Pens: National Bookstore or Lazada

Additional items:

  • White Chalkboard
  • Embroidery Hoops (different sizes)
  • High Table w/ Bar-like Stool for my bedroom.


Active + Swim Wear + Yoga Accessories

Additional Things:

Adventure Essentials

  • Hiking Backpack – The North Face
  • Hiking Shoes – Merell
  • Tent
  • Powerbank

Sustainable Products   

What inspired me to really put up this list is the post from, where they shared their Christmas List fit for all the individuals who are going into a zero waste, sustainable lifestyle. And, of course, since I am beginning on my journey to a sustainable lifestyle, there are a few (try A LOT) of the items on their list, that I will be including in my own list as well.

Here they are:

L-R Toothpaste from Zero Basics, Toothbrush from Go Zero, Zero Waste Kit Burrito by Sip PH

Additional Things:


I’m researching for a more comprehensive list of products for this category. I asked my friend Zaki, who is also an advocate for sustainable products, to help me create a spreadsheet (We’re both really into spreadsheets. HAHAHA ) for these products. It will be sort of like a catalog. I’m actually really excited for all the products we’re going to find, both from here in the Philippines, and then maybe abroad.


So, yeah. That’s my current (material) wishlist. Definitely adding more soon! Might include the non-material wishlist next time, too. If you have suggestions for any other sources or similar products of the things on my list, suggest away! I’m open to more recommendations, especially in the sustainable products category.

What about you? What’s on the top of your current wishlist?

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