April-May Update

Monthly Update: April Review and May Goals

Last April, I have come to a decision to pursue freelance teaching. I already have experiences in tutoring, private music lessons on the piano, and also on the ukulele, and I love and enjoy doing it, so I thought it would be perfect.

Goals last April, 1 Big Focus, Small Goals, Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

The first thing I considered was visibility. And what came to mind was establishing an online identity, aside from my personal social media accounts. So I decided to revamp and relaunch my blog, with the intent to use it as an avenue for my portfolios and to put my credentials out there as a reference to people. The entire month I was brainstorming and planning how to do it.
So while doing that, I’ve already started taking in students as well. And, I was glad to have been able to teach a 10-year old girl, how to play the ukulele. She was quite excited to learn, and I appreciated her enthusiasm in playing. Interest is really a big factor when learning something. It shows how receptive a learner can be and the overall progress that they make all throughout.


I was able to launch my blog on the 1st day of May, though late into the evening. Nonetheless, I was able to keep up with the deadline I’ve set for myself. I was quite happy and satisfied for being able to follow my deadline.


1. Personal hesitations due to a lack of quality content in the blog.
2. Lack of a decent workstation, which resulted to slow progress.


Goals That are Carrying Over Next Month
Since my 1 big focus last month was to establish the blog, and I was able to finish it, I am probably going to continue to come up with ways to be more visible. I’ve already started that with a giveaway lesson, which was tied up with my launching. Not a lot of people joined, but I was happy that I am able to reach out at least. So yeah, more visibility.


Plans for Improvement
I definitely needed to have regular updates here. With the help of my good friend, Stef, my editorial calendar was conceived. I’ve already listed plenty of ideas, but yet to choose which ones to approve and start writing about. And, it can greatly help me plan and schedule the posts that I will be doing for the blog. Also, I plan to develop a consistent format for my posts, and for the pictures, to achieve a sense of uniformity (and a relief for my OC tendencies).


How to Keep Momentum Going
I think this is where I am struggling with. I already had some sort of pause after doing my giveaway, due to some plans that did not push through, which affected me and my productivity greatly. I’m honestly still thinking of ways how to keep the momentum, but I believe one of which that works on me is when I am with my “tribe” — the people who shares the same desire to pursue their passions.  As for concrete actions, I will continue to seek out on improving my skills, which will translate to my teaching, which then will inspire and motivate me even more. I remember something I’ve learned from the podcast I’m subscribed to, The Purposeful Creative, and I quote, “For momentum and motivation to be created, you have to  put some action and energy in first — not the other way around.” Now, I do my best to keep that in mind every time I reason to myself that I am not motivated to do anything. And it works.


Financial Growth
Another aspect I’m forever struggling with, especially now that I am doing freelance. That’s why I have to work on the things mentioned above, so I can get more clients, and at least be able to grow my finances and really save up.


Goals for May, 1 Big Focus, Small Goals, Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

My 1 big focus for May is to create a material for The Happy Strings Project, a subsidiary of this site (more on this later), which focuses on doing ukulele workshops.  I have already started making one, and have sent it to the ukulele workshop in Dumaguete, which I was supposed to handle, yet had to cancel because of unavoidable circumstances. This month I will also be handling more ukulele students. These are the 5 winners of the giveaway I did, and just recently, there’s one who contacted me for a private lesson. So, yay! This is definitely me getting myself out there more, and hopefully I will have a great learning experience from it.

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  1. My sister joined the paint your own ukulele + workshop and the handout is very comprehensive (and beautiful!). Good job, Misty!

    P.s. there are talks about a Founders week workshop. Hope you’ll be coming by then? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Therene! I’m so happy to hear that! It’s a good compensation somehow for not being able to go. I hope you guys enjoyed and had a good time! And yeah, I talked with GJ about it, too! I’m excited, and I’ll be there this time! More time to prepare and save up!

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