My 2018 Reading Goals

A few weeks before the start of the year, I have started thinking about what books I can read AND finish in 2018.

I still have a number of unread books on my shelf, and every time I see it, I am overcome by guilt. I have already stopped buying books impulsively (hello, 2009-2015 me) because I know I am not going to be reading them right away, which bothers me a lot. I usually end up reading about 3-4 books simultaneously, and I’ve failed numerous times—it’s not a nice feeling.

Also, last December, I was already in the middle of my 3rd attempt to read The Silmarillion, and even then I was doubtful I could finish it.

I finally decided I had enough of not finishing this book, and finally took it up and made it my 2018 reading goal just to really focus on it.

I have always wanted to read more Middle Earth books, ever since getting into The Hobbit last 2012. So, I decided, that in addition to The Silmarillion, I included the other core novels on Middle Earth by JRR Tolkien. It’s about damn time I finish these books.

My 2018 Goodreads to-read shelf.

At first, I also wanted to read Neil Gaiman books this year, but I changed my mind when March began and saw an Instagram challenge that a friend of mine shared. It was the Middle Earth March (MEM) challenge, hosted by the #tolkientribe  @tolkientribe 

Middle Earth March 2018 Challenge

I didn’t get to participate all throughout the challenge but it did motivate me with my reading goals this year.

It was then that I decided to focus on Tolkien mainly, but not exclusively. I won’t deny the occasional desire to check out books that interest me, in fact, I have another Goodreads shelf devoted for those, but they’re all going to be in ebook format.

My Google Play Books.

I still lack this one book I’m looking for by Maria Jose Silveira entitled My Mother’s Mother’s Mother and her Daughters. It’s a translated book, so I think it will be a lot harder to look for it.

Anyway, it still stands that my priority will be my Middle Earth journey, and it has been nothing short of exciting. I’m geeking out a lot while reading and it pumps me up to finish it fast.

I have started documenting my reading journey in my new Instagram account devoted solely to books and the like.

Follow me on my reading journey! @mistyreads


I wish I could have made this last March for the MEM challenge, but oh well.

I’m hoping by next year I’d be able to participate more actively for Middle Earth March, and by then I’ll have the rest of the books on my wishlist.


My Middle Earth books wishlist.

Here’s to hoping I’ll get them all, *fingers crossed* and, to finishing all our 2018 reading goals!


“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.” ~Gandalf, The Hobbit

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