Mid – Year Review

If I were to describe the first half of 2017 in 3 words, it would be: decisive, full of detours and changes.

I started the year with this theme: Fight and focus towards finishing my music education.
Early in the year, I planned to go back to my old major, which is Music Education, for the reason that it will allow me to finish my degree faster. But, towards summer it got difficult to do that because 1. I quit my teaching job, and 2. The schedule was not flexible.

I’m in a different path right now, but still towards my long-term goal. I guess this is just a detour. I’m pursuing a different major and going freelance teaching at the same time. I made braver choices this year though, and have been more decisive than I thought.

At the beginning of the year, I was at least proud of these few things:

  • I took on a responsibility that was beyond me but I saw it through. I was left by my lead teacher in kindergarten, so I ended up taking over the class until the school year ended. It was difficult but I learned many things. It was definitely an opportunity for growth, and I’m quite thankful it happened.
  • I braved into pursuing freelancing, that way it was more flexible for me to finish my studies. I re-launched my website, became more visible in IG marketing myself as a freelance teacher. I’m glad and proud to be back in blogging, and so far have been more aggressive in maintaining it compared to how many years ago.
  • I created material for a ukulele workshop, that I’ve been wanting to do. Despite not being able to teach the workshop in Dumaguete, I was able to give them a material to use.

Some unexpected events or life changes that happened in the first half of the year that affected my goals was when I quit my teaching job, and instead of pursuing my old major, I changed my major (SpEd), so that meant more time in school. It messed up the time I reserved for work as well, so it affected all the other plans I have where money is involved. 🙁 I took it quite bad at first, but bounced back. I’m still pursuing more ways to generate income.

But I figured I should let go some of the goals I set at the beginning of the year that are not as relevant anymore. Like going back to my piano lessons. That was something I wanted to conquer in my music life, but now I’m majoring in special education, it’s not a priority anymore. But I know I can still practice my piano on my free time.

And so, for the next quarter, here are some of my plans and commitments:

Theme: Committed and Consistent Content Creation.

This season, (July-September) I want to write more. I want to make writing second nature to me. It doesn’t matter what stuff I write, I just want to get into the habit, and improve my expression and voice, as well, in writing.

Action Steps:

  •  Daily Journal (3-5 sentences at least) in my 365 Wonders Journal
  • Be more self-aware: on my bullet journal rate my mental / emotional / physical state
  • Deep Thoughts Challenge on a separate journal.
  • At least 6 posts/week on IG @mistykaren account.

Slowly, but surely.

Also, I got some books to help me have a change/improvement of mindset. Right now, I’m reading Angela Duckworth’s “Grit”, alongside the books about blogging I got from a friend. Will be sharing some insights from the book here when I finish reading it.

What’s your theme/battle cry for this season?

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