Looking back on August

It’s been a while since I last published an actual blog entry here. It’s the last month of this quarter and I have not been able to consistently create content here. There are reasons for that, which I’ll be talking about in another post.

For now, I’m quite thankful that August is finally done. There were so many challenges for me throughout the entire month, that I feel like I’ve grown up a bit. (I sure do hope so!)

Anyway, so just a recap of all my shenanigans last August:

Week 1: August 1 – 5

  • I welcomed the month of August by launching the Paint and Play Your event on my blog and on Facebook.
  • Home tutorial sessions on going every MWFSat.
  • After weeks of delaying it, I’ve finally moved back home. It’s still a struggle coming to terms with this, but I keep telling myself that it will be for the best.

Week 2: August 6 – 12

  • Tutorial sessions continue as the 1st Quarterly exam approaches.
  • Finishing workshop material. At this point, I was procrastinating working on the material.
  • Started Bullet Journal. Inspired by this girl I’ve been following on IG, theprivatelifeofagirl. She is my aesthetic goal! A minimalist down to the core. Even her IG feed as well.

Week 3: August 13 – 19

  • Backed Passion Planner Kickstarter. I’m so happy about this. After seeing it work for my friend Stef, and discovering how fun and inspiring the people are, who work for this project, it made me want to get one. Plus, it didn’t help I keep seeing photos of it on my IG feed.
  • Collab Project With Stef. This one came to be after a dinner with Stef and Jayson. I won’t say anything more about this yet since it’s still in the works.
  • Tutorial sessions continue.
  • Video Shoot for ICT Project. I had to do a music video for my ICT class. After a couple of brainstorming sessions with Q, we finally had a plan on how we’re going to do it, and what the concept will be. Hint: Reese Lansangan’s Exploration No. 5

(This is the part where everything starts getting stressful.)

  • Changed Venue for the Paint and Play Your Own Ukulele (HELP. HUHUHU). Had to cancel our booking with 99Ranch, and change all our social media posts.
  • Got a job as a content writer for a local start-up. Did the interview and preliminary screening.

Week 4: August 20 – 26

  • 10 Years in WordPress. YAY. I was so happy seeing this. After jumping from one blogging platform to another since 2004? (Diaryland, OpenDiary, LJ, Blogger, Tabulas, i.ph, TypePad, MoTime, etc) I always found my way back to WordPress.
  • 1st Week Job (OP extended 2 weeks). I think all my mental focus went into this job. It was pretty draining. It’s my first content writing job, though still on probation. I like the people I worked with, though. Their vision for the company is great and they want to help people.
  • Break from tutorials.
  • Workshop Material. Finally finished it, though I made a major mistake, and only noticed it on the day of printing. You have no idea how stressful that was. (And I had 2 doses of coffee that day, so I was pretty on the edge.)
  • Midterms. Pretty much missed most of my exams, but some were moved.
  • EVENT DAY. As mentioned in my previous entry, it was a success!
  • Uke Night @ Chai Bodia Cafe. I never got to go to this uke jam later that night because my kidney was acting out.

Week 5: August 27 – 31

  • Kidney troubles still.
  • Final Shoot for my ICT music video.
  • Re-scheduled Midterm Exams.
  • Evaluation From Job (rejected). Surprisingly, this gave me a peace of mind.

Learnings and realizations.

  • When it comes to planning events or just planning anything in general, it helps to be flexible and open-minded in case changes happen that are beyond your control. It will also be less-stressful and less-frustrating. In my case, I did get a bit stressed, but I learned to not dwell on it and moved on.
  • Two heads are better than one. Or in my case, 4 eyes are better than 2. It’s always good to have another person to look at your work in case you missed something. And it has to be someone who understands the work you do.
  • Patience. Patience in making decisions. Patience in my goals. What happened in the last week of August made me realized my limits, at the same time reminded me to realign whatever I’m doing now to the goals that I have.

August was a challenging month, and I’m glad it’s finally done. But with everything that had transpired, there were a lot of opportunities afterward. I’m still mulling over on these opportunities, but this time, I’ll make sure it aligns with my plans and goals.

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