Day 5: My Siblings

My brothers and I. (One of the pictures that got damaged during the flood last 2011.)

In the family, there are only 3 of us siblings; I have 2 older brothers, making me the youngest and the only girl.

Being the only girl in the brood of 3 has affected my personality greatly. Growing up, I was mostly surrounded by boys—my brothers and their friends. I would play their games and they would tell me to go away because I was a girl and I should not play with them. Good thing there was another girl in the neighborhood I get to play with, although still, we would always follow the boys around. Every summer the older boys would get into various things: kite-flying, gardening, rearing fishes, and playing football. Those were few of the things they’ve done. At the time, they were the only older kids I could look up to and I’ve always thought what they were doing was cool, and I wanted to be like them. I wanted to be one of the boys. That’s how I became sort of tomboyish when I entered high school until early college, and became close friends with mostly guys. (I’ve only become ladylike when I had my first relationship.)

I never got close to my brothers until all of us got active in the church ministries, and when we all had to move away from home.. My older brother Kyle went to work in Cebu, my other brother Tyronne is in Cotabato studying to be a pastor, and I’m here in Dumaguete. I didn’t think we would get close since we fight a lot growing up, especially with my Kuya Tyronne.

Kuya Tyronne was a bully, both at home and in school. He would hit me and make me cry a lot. In school, he would pick on the girls and make them cry too. There were several instances the mothers of these girls would actually go to the school and sit down with him and the class adviser or the principal. Despite him being a bully, I always cared about him, and was protective of him. I would cry each time he gets scolded in school or get into a fistfight with his classmate. Even more so when he got into a relationship with this girl a few years back. I was aggressive of their situation and I even remember a confrontation with this girl, because there were rumors  floating around regarding their relationship.

The same goes for my eldest brother Kyle. He experienced his first real heartbreak I think way back 2003 or 2004. This girl he was with then was rumored to be a flirt when she was in elementary (her classmates then were my high school classmates that time). When she moved in the middle of senior year in a high school here in Dumaguete, my brother made a surprise visit on her graduation day, only to find out that she was with another guy. I remember that phone call my brother made all the way from Dumaguete so well. He was talking to my mom and was crying hard. I could not help but cry as well. I felt my brothers pain, and I hated that girl for hurting him like that. Shortly after, she moved to Saipan, and my brother was able to move on. After a few years he graduated college, moved to Cebu, got married and now has 2 beautiful girls. My brother works hard for his family, and he still constantly communicates with our parents. That’s one thing about him that I adore.

Although I have always wanted a sister (a twin sister actually), I am still very thankful for my brothers. I guess I could say I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for them. And I will always look up to them, as I always have.


A recent picture together with my family. Back L-R: Saffi Anichka, Kuya Kyle, Kuya Tyronne Front L-R: Jenova (Kuya Kyle’s Wife), Ma, Seyla Athalia, Pa, Me



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  1. This is such a lovely photo of your family! And your nieces have really unique names. From the looks of it, the pain your brothers went through have made them strong. The best part is that you were there and you felt for them, despite the distance. 🙂

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