Day 4: My Parents

And yes, I am resuming the 30-day Writing Challenge I started last year with John Reuben. This time around I will be doing it with a newly found friend whom I am so glad to have met—a kindred spirit, Stephanie or Stef.  Stef is a writer, a poet, and a passionate creative. Her works are wonderful and are definitely worth the read. You can find her and her creative projects here

So I have just recently spent some time with my family back in my hometown during the holidays, and I guess it’s pretty timely that the subject of my writing challenge for this day are my parents. There’s so much to be said about them, but I will try not make it too long.

I am trying to remember the earliest memory I have with my parents, and for some reason I can’t remember one with only the both of them and me—either I’m only with my mom, or with my dad, or all five of us in the family, but not just the both of them and me. Which is kind of weird, now that I think about it.


The fondest memory I have of my dad was that one time he brought me to this kids’ amusement park in the mall, I think I was 7 or 8 then. The details are kind of blurry, but what I vividly remember though was that carousel ride with him. It was like one of those sweet movie moments between a father and daughter. And yes, you can tell I was definitely a Papa’s girl. Being the youngest and the only girl among the brood of 3, I am not even surprised if my dad favored me more than my brothers. If there were quarrels between me and my brothers, or me and my mom, my dad would always come to my rescue. We also get along well when it comes to rearing pets. I got my love for animals from my dad, and I’ve witnessed him taking care of various animals at home. There are so many memories I share with my dad and our pets. It’s actually pretty heartwarming remembering those times. However, by the time I reached high school we started not to get along so much.. He was more strict and super overprotective beyond reason, and because of that I would deliberately defy him, being the rebel that I am. Even more so after he suffered from the mild stroke early in my college years. He became more irritable and impatient, and even a lot harder to deal with. I understood what he was going through though, except I was still too stubborn,

My dad is not really the expressive type, and his way of showing love is different, but I know he loved us all very much. He works hard for the family and tries his best to still function normally despite having difficulties with his mobility. I am quite proud of him, though I don’t say it much. He never finished his degree in Geodetic Engineering, but he was still one of the best people in his work place. (I heard so much about him from the field survey workers when I worked in his company last year).

And with that, I want to leave this picture of my dad,  one of the lifetime achievements he was always proud of.

Papa conquering the highest peak in the Philippines, Mt. Apo.


Alright, since my dad got a picture, here’s a picture of mom too, with me this time, ’cause girls gotta stick together y’know.

Ma and me.

To me, Ma will always be the most forbearing person I know. (Probably second to her would be my future husband, coz hes’ going to have a lot to put through with me. HAHAHA)

My mom has gone through so much in life and I admire how she’s able to come through it all and still be the person that she is now—loving and always faithful to God

My favorite memory of my mom will always be the walks in Divisoria  when I was a little girl. I would accompany her when she goes grocery shopping at Golden Friendship, yes, there was actually a grocery named after the city’s nickname. There was a credit line for the employees at my mom’s workplace there (also at Giftmate!), so we would get our grocery there and then we would eat Palabok afterwards. That’s why I LOVE PALABOK, it always reminded me of my childhood and mom.

One of the things I picked up from my mom is her love for gardening. In our house now, there really isn’t much space for a garden but she still managed to get some potted plants and flowers in place and made it look nice. In my pad here in Dumaguete, I have also planted some sunflowers and hoping to grow some other ones. I’d like to have a flower garden in my future house, and I’m hoping to make it with my mom.

Mom was always so supportive (she still is), no matter how much I have messed up in life. I can’t even fathom where she gets all that understanding, but I guess that’s a mother’s love for you. If I could be half as much as a mom (or more) like her, I think I won’t be so scared of parenthood anymore.

My parents are not perfect, they also had a lot of shortcomings. But, they’ve raised me and my siblings well enough to understand as well that despite those shortcomings, all they have ever done was for our best, and because they love us. And I believe those shortcomings are opportunities for us children to meet them halfway.

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  1. Kindred spirits we truly are, even with our fathers’ histories! My dad didn’t finish his Architecture degree (more on this in my Day 4 post), but he’s able to design the buildings being built for our current family biz.

    Thanks for sharing this, Misty. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read your next entries. 😉 Congrats for jump starting your writing again!

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