Day 2: Let Me Write–

It was the summer of 2001 when I first wrote my own story (of sort). It was nothing amazing nor awesome. It was inspired after the teen book series Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitter’s Club. My childhood bestfriend and I love the book series so much that everytime Booksale (they didn’t have a physical shop then) makes a visit in the city, we always hoard a number of those. It was also then I realized that I love to read, and eventually write.

I was never good at it though. In highschool I’ve always wanted to be a part of the school paper but never really got to because all the others were of course way better than me. I felt like I was such a hopeless case. Haha. My childhood bestfriend, whom I am very blessed to have, always supports me with my writing. Haha. It’s actually adorable how she encourages me and compliments me on my writing. I mean, I didn’t even write much either. I wrote poems and just random things. But she was there every time to give encouraging words.

I still didn’t give up though. In my later years of highschool, that’s when I started to make blogs. I forgot to mention that way back during my 5th grade, that was the time I started writing in a diary. I guess that was also how my craze for notebooks/journals/diaries started AND  I think it was because of that early exposure to writing about myself, what’s happening around me, or about how I feel that I had the fascination for blogging, plus, I also learned of different blogging platforms from a show in Studio 23 called Digital Tour.

So there begins my adventure with blogging. Diaryland, Motime, Typepad(or Friendster Blogs), Posterous,, Livejournal, Tabulas,, Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. Those are a ‘few’ of the blogging platforms I have tried. I jumped from one platform to another, finding satisfaction, which I couldn’t find with my writing. I kept comparing myself to my friends and other people whom I look up to. But then later on I have come to accept that I won’t be as good as I imagined myself to be.

So now I have finally settled in this quaint little blog of mine here in WordPress. No regrets though, I have found home here. And I still enjoy blogging and just rambling whatever. Or doing some challenges, like this one.

Let Me Write is the name I chose for this blog as it fits my desire to just let me be as I am, and just let me write.

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