Day 19: Something I Miss

If there’s anything I miss the most right now, it’s waking up each early morning inside my bedroom in our old house in Cagayan de Oro.

Those times that I drift away from reality, I always find myself there—moments when I was young and having not much of a care in the world.

I miss the family breakfasts, especially during the weekends; just  seated around the table having coffee, or hot chocolate paired with pan de sal with peanut butter, and while eating, my mom is also getting busy in the kitchen after having gone early in the morning to the public market. Preparing to make brunch and usually I also help her out. That’s how I got myself to enjoy cooking. Native chicken adobo, chicken liver adobo, beef lauya, and sotanghon soup, these are just a few of my favorite dishes to cook (and eat) with my mom.

I miss the simplicity of my life, and how I have always looked at the world in rose-colored glasses.

My bestfriend from high school and I have always joked about how carefree we were before and now we’re panicking adults not knowing what exactly we want to do, and fearing that we’ll get left behind.

Although, in my heart, no matter how I want a lot of things, want to do a lot of things, I would always go back to that simple life. I would like to go back to that simple life. I think that’s why I am attracted to the Japanese way of living right now. (And also because I have been watching a lot of shows on Japanese culture. More of that some other time. )

This is an attempt once again to continue the writing challenge I have restarted with Stef early this year, but went hiatus during summer because of my busy schedule. This helps to calm my mind as well. So, hi. I’m back.

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    1. Thanks Stef! I actually haven’t followed on your entries since Day 20. Just a weird condition I set for myself. I told myself I won’t read it UNTIL I get back on the challenge. (Even though I really, really wanted to read na. Haha! )

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