Day 1: All About Misty

Yes, that is the name I go with. But in case you want to know, my first name is Misty Karen. I get to be called different names by different people. My family calls me by my nickname Mika /mаɪ-ka/, but few people who are close to me call me Mika /mi-ka/, Meekai or Mikay, and with my CDOTAKU family they call me Kazumi, or Ka-chan. On a regular basis though, I go with Misty. There had been so many times I have been made fun of every time they find out my name, most especially if they are Pokemon fans, and if you are or at least if you’re familiar with Pokemon, you should know.

This post is part of my 30 day Writing Challenge, which I am doing with my friend Kazuo to start a habit of writing. We are only doing about 2-3 posts per week though.

Even if we both spend most hours of our day in front of the computer it’s not all for fun, but for work.

Day 1 of the challenge says that I should be doing an introduction of myself, post a recent picture of me, and list 15 interesting facts about me.

I already had my short introduction above, but I will be adding more later in this post.

So,  this is me! This was taken last Monday February 24, 2014 at the Liloan Port, Santander, Cebu. We were on our way back to Dumaguete after attending the 3rd Mactan Ukulele Festival at Cebu.

Hello there. Shall I sing you a song?

Alright, so here are some interesting facts about me: (although I still think this is subjective because what I might think as interesting might not be interesting for you)

1. I can play several instruments. Not saying I have mastered all of them, haha. But I am trying. Some of the instruments I play are as follows: piano, violin, guitar, bass guitar, concert flute, recorder, trumpet, and for the past 2 years been playing the ukulele. I love the ukulele most of all. I can bring it with me anywhere, play it anytime. There are still other instruments that I want to add on the list. They are pretty much of the same family as the other ones. On the top of my head right now: viola, cello, mandolin, banjo, and tin whistle. And one last thing, I am trying to collect handheld percussion instrument. They are very fun to play with.

2. I have a short attention span when I get excited discovering musicians who are new to me. This is why I have poor memory of songs I learn. Also maybe because of my background as a music student, I am so used to looking at music sheets, we are not exactly encouraged to memorize the tune of our pieces but to really read the sheet in front of us. That does not apply to every music student though.

3. I have a crazy love for notebooks. I am not kidding. I have dozens of notebooks, most of them are not even filled up. I like looking at the pages, feeling them, smelling them — such precious moments, I tell you. I like to scribble random things on some of them. I have one I carry with me all the time, it’s a Moleskine pocket notebook, it serves as my idea notebook, and sometimes  an all-around notebook really. Haha. I would give you a current count of my notebooks, but some of them are in Cagayan de Oro, but here with me I have like 8, of which 6 of them are Moleskines~ I like Moleskine notebooks! They’re a bit expensive though. ;A;

4. I love to cook and make up whatever ingredients I find in the fridge. I like to look up DIY recipes over Pinterest and maybe try them later on. I wish I have my own oven. I would probably buy one when I have moved out of this place I’m temporarily living in and get settled in my new place.

5. I LOVE garlic and basil. BECAUSE, WHY NOT?

6. I am aiming to live a minimalist lifestyle this year. I think it is somewhat difficult considering the fact that I like hoarding stuff, ie books, notebooks. But I really do want to live like that; it de-clutters my life and makes me focus on the things that are really important and essential.

7. I secretly (well not anymore~) want to be a singer/songwriter/artist. I do not have much talent for singing nor songwriting maybe because I have not really tried working on it. I did a few covers though which I posted over Soundcloud. I just want to be one of those people doing this sort of thing and be really good at it but not be popular, because to some that becomes the end-result for being good at it, you know. I like to live on a low-profile life.

8. With that being mentioned above, I actually have several other things I ‘secretly’ want to become. You could call it a dream ambition I guess? Like it’s not something I really would want to become, but something I fancy thinking about? Haha, if that makes sense. Here goes.

  • I also want to be a writer. The thought of living your life as a writer and then traveling from place to place is so romantic, but I know in reality it is not. I just really like romanticizing things. Haha.
  • I also want to become a humanities teacher, I want to be well-versed in art, literature, and music. This one, I actually partly want to become, for real. This is why I like studying all sorts of things on those 3 fields. It would probably take a lifetime, but it’s not really too late to start, right?
  • Another would be a girl who can code. I was a computer science student once, and I’ve always thought it is SO bad-ass to find girls who can really code hard, you know. For me, that is the most bad-ass career  for a woman.

9. My actual dream/goal/ambition is to make a (for the lack of better term) clubhouse for kids. No, not the untz untz kind. A place where kids can learn art, literature and music, also includes basic responsibilities, because you know, it is best to start to teach them that when they are young. They can cook, make up things, read books, play with other kids, sing songs, dance, and all other things. I have this image in my head that I just cannot put into words yet. I realized this dream/goal/ambition about 2 or 3 years ago, and until now, thinking about it still overwhelms and excites me. I really really want to make this happen.

10. I also have other goals that I am considering of taking before I venture into #9. A cafe with a library, and a ukulele shop on the side. This could be a venue for poetry nights, or trivia nights and of course, ukulele music nights. 😀

11. I fancy calligraphy and typography, and I want to learn it.

12. It does not seem like it, but I am actually picky with my clothes. It is because most of the time I just throw in whatever comfy clothes I get my hands on when I go out. But I really am picky. I do not like mass produced clothes.  :-I

13. During my 10th birthday, I accidentally used a bathroom cleanser as a shampoo.

14. Right now I work as a sourcing manager of a company that sells products in Amazon. I get a chance to communicate with suppliers from China, US, and just recently Canada. It’s a pretty fun job, I guess. Well, for now.

15.  I am turning 25 this year, and I never had a huge birthday party for myself when I was growing up. That’s why I am going to rock it out this year! (if budget allows!)

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