She was lost, a runaway, a waif.
Looking for some place to stay safe.
Lonesome and desperate,
She was longing for her heart to recreate.

He was sauntering, looking for nothing.
Simply taking the road he’s keeping.
Contented yet empty,
Just conforming to a mundane reality.

On the crossroad where everyone meets
Two souls came along, each one greets
They stood. Simple glances each took
Silent. Too careful not to be mistook

Looking down the ground, the silence she breaks
She speaks slowly, taking the stakes.
Every emotion, deep and fervid,
She released, all unburied.

Looking up the sky, he breathed in and said,
Don’t give up. Look forward, future is always ahead.
He reflected, realized, what he said hit his heart.
In his emptiness, faith filled in, hope took a part.

They looked up, gazed in each others eyes
In their hearts they understood— Smiles.
Now they continued to walk. On separate road—
Each yearning to meet again on another crossroad.

Posted in my old LJ blog. November 19, 2008.

Present Notes:

I wrote this poem for my literature class when I was 19. This was based on my first relationship and first break up. The image that I had in my mind that time was that regardless of the breakup, both individuals have decided to keep supporting each other, and maybe see each other again, and maybe, just maybe, it will work out again.

I was unbelievably hopeful back then, despite being so heartbroken.

I posted this in the hopes that I can revise it and make it better. It’s a simple and straightforward poem, so I don’t know if there’s something else that could be done with this. I’ll see what I can do and will update this post when that happens.

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