Hi! I’m Misty Karen, a free-spirited ukulele-wielding cat-lover, musical theatre fangirl,  occasional yogi, and an advocate on less waste and sustainable living.

This, here, is my personal blog — a small space where I could talk about  things that interests me more intentionally, practice my writing skills, share meaningful content, and maybe a little about my life.

About Me

I enjoy teaching and I believe in the power of music education, the written word, and the arts, to inspire and make a difference in the lives of the children I teach and learn with.

I’m more introverted but can be an extrovert if I need to be. I’ve done quite a lot of things that definitely called for my extroverted self a lot more than I’m comfortable with, and I still made it out alive.

I can enjoy and thrive in human interaction, I mean we are social beings after all,  but honestly, sometimes I prefer to be left alone reading a book, journaling on my Hobonichi, playing the ukulele, and on rare occasions, writing on here on my blog.

On some days I go out with Q, my husband, on his photo adventures. We both like going outdoors,  be it on simple nature trips or just going by the beach. We prefer a quiet and slow-paced life that’s why we moved to a smaller city than our hometown.

I also love to cook and experiment in the kitchen with him. We both enjoy cooking and eating, and I love that about us. We are also quite silly, and enjoy each other’s company most of the time. Oh, and we both enjoy coffee now, and I’m currently learning different ways to prepare coffee.

About this blog

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I created this blog simply to slowly move away from social media and to hopefully connect with myself better by being more intentional with my words.

Though right now it’s a lot tricky since my work involves using social media, so I’m pretty much tied up. Still, I want to slowly detach myself from it. Or maybe use it better to my advantage.

Social media while it has a lot of perks has made it all too easy for people to pass judgment or react to things, which a lot of the times are not carefully thought through. I am guilty of that, too.

That’s why I have this blog–to wield my words more responsibly, to use them more intentionally, and practice restraint, as well as with my thoughts. That’s why my tagline on the site states this verse.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

So, I’m looking forward to sharing meaningful and intentional content here in the days to come, and to interact with you here whom I hope will be dropping by every now and then. Thanks for passing by! 🙂

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