A letter of gratitude on a Thursday

Today was as challenging as any other day, thank you Lord for getting me through it.

I finally sent a message I’ve been delaying for weeks, thank you Lord for the courage.

And with that, thank you for revealing to me once again that when I give trust to someone, it doesn’t mean I’ll get it back, and that’s okay. But we can always count on our trust in You, You never let us down.

Thank you for reminding me that it’s only to You that I can find trust and security in. Not in our friends, our relationships, our families, our dreams, and successes. All these are temporary. The very fact that I am restless at all times is because anything that I try to aim for are temporary things, and I know full well that it can never give me the satisfaction that my soul desires. I know that oh so well.

Thank you for making me realize that, again and again. I don’t doubt your love and power in my life, but in my self, for I am weak at will and spirit. Help me find my strength in You.

I am grateful for these trying times, for they build me up, and keep me stronger for all the days to come.

Despite everything, I am grateful. I CHOOSE to be grateful, for this life, and for Your love, that never fades.

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