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For the last year and 2 months, I have had the wonderful opportunity of handling kindergarten kids; in a classroom and in a one-on-one (tutorial) setting. I’ve been enjoying it greatly, and have been so invested in each child’s progress. And it gives me so much happiness and joy when I see the delight on their faces when they realize that they have learned and actually made progress with their hard work. As a teacher, that’s really one of the moments that I live for. It’s heart-warming, rewarding, and just fulfilling that I was able to do what I was supposed to do.

Right now, I continuously pursue improvement and learn more ways that I can use to make learning fun for the kids I handle. I follow a few people online who inspire me to do just that.  Let me just talk about them here for a bit.


1. TheDadLab  is a creation of Sergei Urban, a dad to 2 lovely boys named Max (3) and Alex (5). I came across them the first time on Instagram. They do a lot activities, from arts and crafts, to experiments, and playing with various educational toys. These activities are especially useful for preschoolers whether for class or a 1-on-1 set up.

I picked 1 activity as an introduction to what they do. I particularly love this because of its simplicity. This activity is a great way to practice their fine motor skills; it enhances proper gripping of the pencil, hand-eye coordination, and association of toy models to shapes. They can even go beyond the activity, if they like. The kids can then color or paint the tracing that they did. This can further develop their artistic sense and creativity.


TheDadLab    |   Youtube  Instagram 


2. Jady A. Jady Alvarez is my homeschooling mom goals. She used to work in finance and as a teacher. Now, alongside her homeschooling and homemaking duties, she also works part-time as a curriculum writer. All the different activities that she does for homeschooling are just great and wonderful. They are all so doable and practical. Every time I watch her videos it makes me want to setup my own area for homeschooling, even if I don’t have kids yet. She is inspirational and I hope to do what she does in the future.

She does a variety of videos; from sensory activities for kids, to literacy activities, to parenting advice, minimalist living and so much more.  I aspire to have this dedication to prepare and do all these things for my kids in the future.

Here’s one of the first videos I’ve seen from her channel:


3.  curiouscreativekids I’ve only just followed this IG account recently’; created and curated by Ophanie Siatan, she documents her life with her 2 kids, Baby F. and Mr. R, who she’s homeschooling. In her IG grid, you can see the different activities that she’s giving to her son. What I loved the most was seeing that they plan their month together and creating a calendar of their activities. It’s a great experience for kids, to learn planning and organization, and most importantly goal-setting.

I’m so happy to have connected with Miss Ophanie. I actually met her in the #daretoshareIGchallenge of Arriane Serafico. She’s residing in a neighboring town of Dumaguete City, where I used to live, study and work. It’s amazing how small the world is.

Seeing Miss Ophanie doing what she does, I’m inspired to see someone doing homeschooling here in the Philippines. I know there are probably a number of families doing such, but it’s great to see a creative and fun approach towards it.

I’m hoping to learn more on how Miss Ophanie designs her homeschooling activities for Mr. R. I will be doing a full feature on her sometime soon. For now, check out one of their activity calendar and Mr. R in action.


February is almost over ? We are cramming some of our lessons! But now… TGIF! #homeschool #homeschooling

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I’m excited to discover more people that advocate play-based learning. It’s really inspiring and motivating to see them keep doing what they do, all for children and learning.  I will slowly be compiling different activities that I hope to use for my future kids’ clubhouse. I am looking into creating different activities and worksheets as well soon! So, please watch out for it!




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