2018: A Year in Review

2018. Too many things left unsaid. I have no regrets.
If anything, I wish to have been more decisive early on in the year. But in the end,

I still did make major decisions this year.

I’ve also decided to listen to what I needed the most, and that is to move forward, no matter the cost. And it did cost me greatly. Still, no regrets.

I am not sure if the good things can outweigh the bad ones that happened this year, but I offer my deepest gratitude to God for still letting me pull through, through it all.

I can go on with the bad things that have happened, but I choose to talk about my joys and the things I am proud to have done and experienced in 2018.

January – March
– Committed to a mindful lifestyle thru The Good Stewards
– Kagay-an Ukulele Underground
– Played the ukulele alongside a celebrity (Bela Padilla. I don’t like her, but I guess could be a highlight of the quarter lol)
– Got featured in Kulas’ BecomingFilipino YT channel
– Traveled to North & South Cotabato with family

April – June
– Assisted in organizing the Earth Week at Ayala Centrio
– Created and handled 2 Ukulele Summer Workshops
– Traveled to General Santos & South Cotabato with Q
– Letting go of unhealthy relationships & connections.
– Learning to say NO to toxic individuals & circumstances.
– Choosing me.
– Rare reading sprint. Finished 6 fairly thick books in less than 2 months.

July – September
– Rewriting memories with Q, traveled to Dumaguete & Siquijor
– Got engaged.
– Traveled to Camiguin with Q’s family.
– Moving forward.
– Journaling life.

October – December
– Managing expectations.
– Learning to be patient.
– 9 ukulele students
– 3 piano students
– Creative Central Co. & Dear Misty
– Lost 5 kgs of weight.

I know there are more things that should be here, but they escaped my memory.

I am thankful for everything about 2018.

For 2019, my prayer is to grow more in my faith, create more intentionally, relearn to be vulnerable, resonate with others more, be kinder, forgiving, and to look back less often.

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