2017: A Year in Review

I started my 2017 with the battle cry, BE BRAVE. It was also timely that Arriane Serafico of The Purposeful Creative released her Braver Goals Workbook. And because I have been following her for a few years now, joining in her free classes, purchasing her HMW notebook, listening to her podcast, I figured this workbook would be a great way to finally invest in myself as I continue to follow her advice on how to intentionally, and aggressively pursue passion projects.



In 3 words, my year 2017 defined: BRAVER + Intentional + Breakthrough

There are so many things I learned this year. So many wins, and some failures and backlogs on some plans, as well. But definitely, I would say I gave 2017 my best shot!

For this entry, I’m pretty much doing a general review of my year and reflecting on how I can make it all better for 2018.

I will also be thanking a number of people for making my year amazing.

And lastly, I will be sharing some wonderful memories that I truly cherish in 2017.

2017: A short review.

For 2017 the major wins that I truly am proud of are:

1. Launching this blog last May

2. The Happy Strings Project Workshop Booklet

3. The New Susing’s Guitar x The Happy Strings Project Collab Event: Paint & Play Ukulele Workshop

4. The Happy Strings Project 10-Week Ukulele Program Proposal for a private school

5. Starting yoga last September, and joining a class last December 14.

6. Renewed personal relationship with my God and Saviour.


There were other plans that have failed and some postponed or put on hold due to a number of things as well:

1. Lack of Resources

2. Dwindling Focus

3. Relationship Hiccups

4. Fatigue


From all these, I reflected on how I can make it a lot more better for 2018.

1. Better plan/structures in tasks.

2. Prioritize better!

3. Slow down and be patient with your plans.

4. Mindfulness in all things.

5. Declutter frequently and regularly (cathartic, clears mind)

6. Listen to my self more, be more honest to my self, and never letting others realities dictate my life.


My 2017 Thank Yous

Arriane Serafico, thank you for all that you do. I cannot fully express how much you’ve made an impact in my life, in just so many ways. You are truly an inspiration and I pray that God will just continue to bless you, in all aspects of your life, and may you always and continue to be a channel of blessing and inspiration.

Stef & Glaizee – My fellow braver girls! Thank you for all your passion towards all the things we love! From all the stationery things, to books and movies and series, and just all the random stuff. Thank you for being a soundboard to all my plans, and all my ravings about Arriane & Design Thinking. Hahaha!

Ma’am Creselda & GJ – For making Paint x Play Your Own Ukulele Workshop happen. Both in Dumaguete and Cagayan de Oro. You are the inspiration for my ukulele workshop booklet, and I just want to thank you for the opportunity and support you’ve given. A better and nicer booklet will be released soon come 2018! <3

Family  –  Thank you for taking me back in and still supporting me in your own funny little ways, even if you don’t fully understand half the things I do. Still, thank you.

Best of Friends  – You guys know who you are. Thank you for all your words of encouragement, constructive criticisms, laughs, random things that you send on our chat groups (That’s you Zaki and Jodi!), rebukes with love, random lessons in life and love, and just about every moment and every little thing we share together. You definitely add color to my year, each time.

And finally,

Quitin, for being supportive of all the things that I do, for listening to all the important and not-so-important things that I say. For backing me up with all the crazy ideas I come up with, that often times, makes some sense at least, haha! For encouraging me when I feel down and being patient when I don’t understand what I feel sometimes, for making me laugh at all times, and also laughing at my corny and legitly funny jokes.  And lastly, for loving me unconditionally and making sure that I do feel and know it each and every day. Thank you, love. You definitely made a huge part of my 2017 so much better.



Snapshots of my 2017

Now, here’s the most-awaited part! Snapshots of my year! Divided into 4 quarters.

These are all the memories that I truly am thankful for and cherish.



1st Quarter  (January – March)

– Getting clear on my goals for the year. 1st QxM Anniversary. Getting a new phone from Q. Finishing my school year in Xaris Theos Christian School.





2nd Quarter (April – June) –  Getting a piano from Q.  Re-launch of my website. Paint x Play Your Own Ukulele Duma. Workshop booklet. Meeting Reese Lansangan.



The New Susing’s Guitar x United Ukes of Dumaguete Paint x Play Workshop




3rd Quarter  (July – September) – Discovering Design Thinking. Paint x Play Your Own Ukulele CDO, LMA Proposal for 10-Week Ukulele Program, Uke Night, Kagayan UU, Starting Yoga





Uke Night at 99 Ranch


4th Quarter (October – December) – The New Susing’s Guitar x The Happy Strings Project Collab for Instructional Ukulele Booklet, LMA Uke Program Proposal,  2nd Kagayan UU Night. Visited the Tubajon Aquamarine Park with Q. Finally backing up the Passion Planner Kickstarter. CAC Family Day with Q. Trekked the Mapawa Trail with Q.  Consistent Yoga Practice, Joining a Yoga Class, Meeting the Purposeful Creative Girls.


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"Say Arriane!" And we burst out laughing. πŸ˜‚ . Truly, it was a great and fun afternoon getting to know these ladies. Thanks to @arrianeserafico for bringing us together, through the #daretoshareigchallenge, and just because of her heart and desire to help why-driven women pursue their passion and purpose. . Although I am not enrolled in the #pdbchallenge I still have been slowly working on my goals this year. . Hopefully, next year I'll finally be able to invest in her courses for my self-growth. The #BraverGoals workbook has been a huge help to me already, how much more if I get the chance to be directly mentored by her? Looking forward to that day! πŸ˜„ πŸ’• . Special thanks to Carla, for organizing this meet up! @phoebefalame we hope you can join us next time! . See you on November, girls! πŸ’• . . #thepurposefulcreative #cdochapter #bravergirls #tweet

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There are still so many moments of my 2017 that are worth sharing but this entry going to get longer!

Overall, I am so so thankful for how my 2017 turned out. Sure, not all things were in my favor, but I learned a whole lot from those experience, and I’m going to bring all those learnings with me, as I face 2018.


And before I end this entry, I just want to give back all the glory and praise to my God, and Jesus, my Saviour, the Healer and Redeemer of my life. Thank you so much, Lord, for Your faithfulness, for Your redeeming love, that brings back the joy of my salvation, for giving me peace that passes all understanding, for being my strong refuge and solace in times of trials and struggles, for releasing me from the bondage of sin and letting me experience a breakthrough from all the things that drag me down. In You, oh God, will I only be well-secured and rested.

To You, I commit my 2018.

Bless my desires and plans. Let me be fruitful and be of use for Your kingdom.

Help me live a mindful life.

Let me grow deeper in love with You.

All these things, I ask and pray.



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